Amongst other abundant services, our company provides:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Plumbing: Leaking problems with your washbasin & water pipes. We are ready and able to deal with it successfully. We are also ready to be of your service as far as connection & installation of sanitary ware, fittings & accessories.
  • Central Heating: Regular maintenance of the boiler is necessary for the proper and effective function of your central heating.
  • Air-Conditioning: Our company can install and maintain the best possible option of air-conditioning covering not only your needs.
  • Electronics: We provide services of repairing switches, electric/ power panels, time switches and light appliances of all kind. All the above in competitive prices.
  • Painting: We undertake painting of walls, as well as their repair.


We operate with professionalism and consistency properties due to the respect towards our clients and because we want to meet their needs. The company’s primary concern is to look up to all requirements and needs, respond to them with prompt, giving the best possible maintenance. We are organised to present to our clients the chance to consider our provided services. Once they experience our professionalism and cooperation with them, anyone else would be not required.

Throughout the years Petros Kyriacou Group of Companies also expanded it activities in the car industry and is now also involved in the sales of used cars.

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