Petros Kyriacou Group is associated with the two most significant assets someone can own-Motor Vehicles and Properties- which is why we run our business with enhanced responsibility and we acknowledge the importance of each transaction.

Initially our company began its operations solely as a local car dealership, primarily specialising in used cars. After more than 30 years of experience, we now have a wide range of motor vehicles in our portfolio, at competitive prices.

Areas of expertise/Services offered:

• Import of Motor Vehicles (Mainly UK)

• New/Used car sales or purchases

• Motor Vehicle trade-ins

• Consulting Services

With professionalism and consistency, our business expanded and diversified into the Real Estate industry. Whether you are seeking for a retirement holiday home, or a modern apartment near the Capital, we are the right people for you! For those wishing to build their dream homes or invest in the future, we have various pieces of land with amazing views.

Take it step by step !

Step 1

Find the property you like from our website.

 Step 2

Call us or email us for more info.

 Step 3

Arrange a viewing.

Step 4

Book an appointment to discuss requirments

 Step 5

We ensure that the desired outcome has been reached.

Step 6

Enjoy the comfort of your new home


*Please note that painting, plumbing installations, and provisions for heating and electricity installations are included in the price (air-condition and central heating).